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Third trimester….I don’t even have words. In some ways, this pregnancy has felt like an eternity (with a first trimester immediately following a miscarriage to blame) and in some ways, it has flown by. At this point, we know our girl is breech, what her scheduled C Section date is (if we make it that long!) and that we currently have no where to put her. Big brother is handling the idea of a baby so very well but is definitely working through some adjustments with his new found, almost three year old energy and less space that he’s used to to run around in. We’ll get there though, and when we do, we’ll have a new-to-us house and a sweet baby girl to cuddle. 
Third Trimester Bump Date
How Far Along: 28 weeks and change
Size of Babe: a rollerblade 
Gender: little girl
Symptoms: I had a run to Labor and Delivery to rule out preeclampsia after some dizziness and blurry vision but we both checked out perfectly. Mostly, I’m just feeling huge, slow and sore with a side of Braxton Hicks when I do too much. My sciatic is bothering one of my butt cheeks (so fun) and my feet are starting their journey to gigantic. Otherwise, just regular pregnancy stuff! Without a doubt, it is harder the second time to keep my energy level anywhere near being able to function – having a toddler doesn’t help that – but it is what it is and I try not to give myself a hard time for not being on it 100% of the time.
  (this pic is blurry for some reason, but it’s the only side shot I’ve got, so go with it.)
Loving: my new white jeans (they run true to size, I’m wearing a 10), going to bed at 8pm, Target pajama sets (own three colors, sized up for the bump), picking out paint/fixtures/counter tops for the new house
Loathing: cooking dinner. I just can’t.  
Movement: I still feel her much less than I felt Gray but the bigger she gets, the more she makes herself known. Justin still hasn’t been able to feel her and I rarely can detect her movements by watching my belly, which is kind of a bummer. She seems to have a direct shot to my bladder, so that’s a feeling a can’t mistake, but otherwise, she’s currently laying across my belly and behind her placenta. 
Missing Most: wine.
Can’t Wait To: hold her! smell her! share her name!
I have an ultrasound this week and I can’t wait to see her little face and hear how much she weighs. So far, she is definitely not as big as her brother was so I’m always interested for her weigh ins.
I also can’t wait to start on her nursery in just a few short days…so many gorgeous things are in the works and I can’t wait to finally see it all come together for my sweet girl.