I am so excited to share our maternity/family photos! And let me say, this is one of the times that I want to share my sweet boy’s little face and funny facial expressions all over the internet because our photographer, Courtney of Courtney Malone Photography, managed to capture some of the absolute best photos of my wild little animal. 
I warned Courtney ahead of time that I wasn’t sure what mood he would be in because I admittedly chose his worst time of day for our session (in my defense, my husband would be home during a crazy busy time in his work life and I wasn’t taking pics without him!). Thankfully, Courtney and I believe in the same mentality when it comes to family photography – get in, get out and capture that personality. Our total photo time as a family lasted maybe 5 entire minutes and I want to frame every single shot – especially the ones where Gray is showing off his new “cheese!” face. It’s all teeth, closed eyes, dimples and I couldn’t love it more.
 I asked Courtney if she would be willing to shoot at a local park close to our new house and she was totally on board, especially when I told her my plan was to give Gray swing breaks while she snagged shots of my bump. We let Gray and Justin off the hook after a few family photos and Courtney and I popped into our new house to take photos in the baby’s soon to be nursery. I love that we have photos in the empty space that will soon be her sweet little nursery and thankfully the light cooperated. After the nursery we pranced into a stranger’s yard and took photos in the most gorgeous Dogwood blooms (and Courtney slayed me with her “hold down the branches with my leg to get the shot” moves). Our girl has a very Southern name so Dogwood blossoms were the perfect detail in celebrating her pregnancy. 
Many, many thanks to Courtney for her sense of humor, patience and the gorgeous photos she snagged of my sweet boy and our growing family. Courtney will be a huge part of our daughter’s story as she will be capturing (hopefully!) our C Section delivery and our sweet girl’s first few days on Earth – all of which is approaching at lightening speed! P.S. Courtney has a gorgeous Instagram feed so go follow her here.

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