Hey all!
So, this is the week that I was supposed to tackle my first ever chalk paint project and whip baby girl’s vintage bamboo chest into shape. But sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work in your favor and you have to say “I think we’ll head to the beach instead!”.
I really did intend to rehab her dresser in time for this post but we had a little snafu with the POD that is currently housing all of her things – it was delivered to our new house (in the pouring rain) and seems to be jammed. We’ve tried everything but we can’t get the door to open. We’re having a POD pro head our way to check it out but in the mean time, all of the nursery items are being held hostage.
With the exception of a few fun things!
I snagged these incredible giraffe knobs from Anthropologie for her closet doors
Brooke Ring delivered this adorable canvas to adorn her shelves
I (finally) selected a rug and rocker, both of which are on their way
The large art piece by Anna of Demi and Olive has been framed by Framebridge in an insanely short time frame and is arriving by the end of the day 
and accessories are starting to come together! 
Here’s what I have left to do:
snag curtain rods for the custom curtain panels from Carousel Designs
refinish the chest of drawers
assemble the crib
install the chandelier
style the room! 
As far as I know, the painters are painting her room as we speak. Truth: I hate being out of town when major aesthetic process is being made – I’m always around for boring things like wiring but when new paint goes up, I’m hours away! I plan to send my husband over to take pics tonight so I know what we’re working with but I have a feeling everything will be ok. 
This space will undoubtedly be a race to the finish but that’s what I get for planning a renovation and a move in my third trimester! In the best news ever, we have scheduled our move in date and it’s really just a few short weeks away so we should be ready to rock and roll before baby girl makes her debut. 
I’ll document my chalk paint experience on Insta Stories, so make sure you’re following along at @oliveandtate_