Oh, Grandparents. 

They mean so much to us, they love our kids to the moon and back, they deserve the world. 

And yet, they need nothing. Not a dang thing. With that in mind, I pulled together a list of 24 personal, memorable gifts with a grandparent’s most important people in mind (ahem, their grandchildren).

P.S. Don’t mind the typo in the graphic, your girl managed to miss that one!

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1. Family Portrait Plate updated for 2020 here!: quirky, cute and fun, put your family faces on display with this custom portrait family tree plate.

2. Heart Map Art: each heart holds a map of a family member’s home or even a family member’s birth place.

3. Custom House Portrait Ornament: the sweetest memento of the family home – a custom portrait on wood, perfect for a Christmas ornament or display.

4. Family Bucket List: pull an activity out of the can and be prepared to make a memory as a family – activities range from volunteering as a family to star gazing. 

Once you complete a memory, date the back of each activity stick with the included pencil.

5. Modern Family Tree : I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a family tree that was so clean and modern (also available in this print), I truly gasped when I first saw it. It’s so feminine and special, I just love all of the prints and color ways available.

6. Long Distance Love Lamp: as soon as I saw this long distance love lamp, I thought of my own parents and my 5 year old son. The lamps come in a set of two, one lamp lives at the grandparent’s house, while the second lives with the grandchildren. 

Each time you’re thinking of the other person, you touch the lamp and each lamp changes color, letting the other person know you’re missing them. 
I know my son would be so excited every time he saw that lamp light up and I just think it’s the sweetest reminder of love between long distance grandparents and their grandbabies.

7. Satellite Puzzle: snag a GPS shot of a special spot (maybe a fave vacation spot, fishing hole or family home) and have it turned into a puzzle.

8. Wood Ring Family Portrait Print: inspired by last year’s best seller, this family tree portrait is set into the rings of a tree.

9. Family Member Yard Sign: documenting each family member and their distance from Grandma’s house, I know my own mom would love this one!

10. Personalized Family Serving Bowl: make sure to take a peek at this bowl up close, the detail and personalization is really special.

11. Matching Personalized Aprons: for the grandparents who love to cook or bake with their grandchildren 

 have them personalized with their grandparent name and you’re all set!

12. Hand Print Art: is there anything sweeter than handprint art? Elevate it with this custom “tree” print.

13. Wood Memory Block: a little token of love that can me personalized and includes the sweetest saying, “whenever you touch this heart, you’ll know that we love you”

14. Custom Art Tote Bag: A tote only a grandma could love, have those baby masterpieces stitched into her official grandma on the go bag!

15. Photo Calendar: a classic grandparent gift because they truly love nothing more than photos of those babies and, hey, everyone needs a new calendar at the New Year, even if they have it all!

16. Personalized Wind Chimes updated for 2020 here!: A unique gift, each individual chime can be personalized with a family members name. 

Each time the wind blows through the chimes, the grandparents will be reminded of the beautiful family they made.

17. Map Pillow: a heart over the home state of each family member

18. Custom Wood Clock: a unique hand carved clock that can be personalized with a date, time or message

19. Family Recipe Book: the perfect way to document those famous family recipes, you can even add photos for reference (but we all know it tastes best when grandma makes it).

20. Custom Photo Box: I am the worst about printing photos but the truth is, my parents truly want prints to have on hand. 

I love the idea of personalizing this photo box and then filling it with printed photos from the past year.

21. Recipe Rolling Pin: The rolling pin version of last year’s famous recipe plate, this rolling pin can be personalized with a recipe or note in your own handwriting. 

How cute would it be to get one of the grandchildren to write out a recipe they often make with their grandparents and have it engraved on the pin??

22. Double Wood Block Frame: Perfect for any home or decor, this double wood block print can be personalized in a billion different ways.

23. Face Magnets: a silly little trinket for grandparent with a sense of humor (or those who collect magnets), you can have your/the grandchildren’s faces made into magnets! 

Also available for pets!

24. Photo Tote Bag: I love this tote bag – you can personalize it with a choice of layouts and your own photos.

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