Oh, toddlers. 

As ya’ll know, I have a love that runs deep for the craziness that toddlers bring, because there is nothing quite like it. 

As it turns out, I also love putting together the Toddler Gift Guide each year. This year’s Guide focuses on babes ages 1-3, STEM/educational and gender neutral gift ideas. 
I also worked really hard to choose gifts that can grow with your babes past the baby stage.

I’ve got all price points covered and there may just be a stocking stuffer or two waiting for you as well!

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1. Magna Doodle Glow: Ok, let me just say that this little doodle board is mess free, portable, is based on little fingers drawing, lights up in multiple colors and plays music. 

It is absolutely a dream toddler toy.

2. Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket: this 14 piece set teaches counting, sharing, manners and more – plus, it can all be stored within the basket, which is a win in my book.

3. Fishing Pole Bath Toys: one fishing rod and three fish (that are water tight to prevent mold!) that will hopefully keep them entertained for more than five minutes in the tub.

4. Inflatable Jumping Horse: perfect for getting those wiggles out, plus it comes with it’s own pump!

5. Wooden Word Puzzles: a Melissa and Doug classic, this set comes with 8 two sided cut out boards to fit alphabet letters into. 

Perfect for first words, learning letters and colors.

6. Custom Name Blocks: I love the style of this Scandinavian inspired block set. Each set is customized to spell a child’s name and you can choose your color to match a room or playroom.

7. Learning Desk: I asked my parents to gift this learning desk to Gray a few years ago and it is, by far, the most used “toy” we’ve ever had. Georgia now plays with it and it’s still going strong. 

The desk uses learning cards (it comes with a set and you can purchase additional) to teach everything from numbers to ocean animals. It’s really super cool.

8. Counting Dino: This little green Dinosaur counts each food coin that you drop in (like a piggy bank) – and you can set it to either counting or “food” mode. 

Colors, shapes and numbers are also a focus!

9. Water Drawing Pad: this is on my list for Georgia because, hello, mess free art! Everyone is familiar with the water wow style art pens and pads – this is basically water wow art on steroids. 

This set comes with a large, ocean themed, drawing mat, six magic water pens, stencils and more. Non-toxic, scent free and no mess. Yes, please!

10. Name Puzzle: a wooden name puzzle will always make the toddler round up and this year I’ve found one that not only include’s your child’s name but also shapes and numbers. 

Also, if you need a quick ship option, check this one out.

11. Starfish Bath Toys: perfect for chubby little hands, these little bath toys are silicon and stretch, stick and squeeze.

12. Personalized Wooden Step Stool: Available in a ton of themes, this little personalized step stool is perfect for toddlers.

I also can’t get over that price point!

13. Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo (Counting Number Wheel in graphic): introduces letters, animal sounds and music with a spin of the wheel.

14. Paint Dot Set: the classic of all toddler classroom art projects, the paint daubers and the gateway of baby art supplies.

15. You Can Be Anything Personalized Book: I love this book – it’s personalized with your child’s name and with a personalized message inside the book – 

and encourages them to “set goals, develop their talents and share their gifts with others”.

16. Gem Sidewalk Chalk: twelve gem shaped pieces of sidewalk chalk in six colors that are perfect for little hands to grasp.

17. Dino Dig Plate: this plate supposedly encourages happy eating and meal times so you know I’m all about that! Make sure to add on the utensils, the dinos are the cutest!

18. Pipes and Tubes Bath Toys: I’m all about the bath toys this year, but I love this set that won’t mold and will keep babes happy and entertained in the tub.

19. Name Crayons: I think both my kids will see a set of these name crayons under the tree this year! 

Each crayon is made of rainbows colors and is 3D – perfect for tiny hands to grip!

20. Wooden Bear Clock: each little number can be stacked and sorted on it’s appropriate spot on the bear face clock.

21. Mini Soccer Goal: 2-in-1 basketball hoop and soccer goal that is perfect for playroom play. The goal plays 50 songs, sounds and phrases, plus counts to 10.

22. Personalized Place Mat: I love this little placemat that can be customized with a ton of themes, your babe’s face and name.

23. Wooden Rocking Play Rainbow: perfect for all of sweet sensory seeking babes, this rainbow rocker can really be anything. Used as a slide, a rocker, a ramp, tunnel, stage, whatever their little brains can imagine.

Originally created to inspire open-ended play and movement based learning, this piece reminds me of this best seller from last year’s line up.

24. Bug Flash Light: nothing like a giant bug flashlight to bring a smile on your toddlers face!

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