As we all know, I breed picky eaters. What can I say, it’s my lot in life (and probably a little karmic punishment for all that sass I handed my own parents over the years). 

I’m forever trying to find the next thing that will convince my kiddos to actually eat the dinners that I make for them, so the next item on my “might as well try it, it can’t get worst” list is an Instant Pot

My eldest is somewhat picky about textures and my youngest is actually a fairly strong eater, you know, for a toddler, but if her brother bows out of a meal, she will too. Nothing like that little sister attitude working against you at dinner time, you know? 
I’m hoping an Instant Pot will help me break out of the corn dog/frozen pizza rut and will bring on easy dinners that don’t necessarily have the Crock Pot-esque texture. 
I did a little research on toddler style Insta Pot meals and thought I’d round them up while I was at it. 

Keep your fingers crossed one of these recipes will convince my kids that dinner is not the devil! 

20 Toddler Friendly Instant Pot Dinners:

1. Chicken Broccoli and Rice 
2. Turkey Sloppy Joes
3. Spaghetti
4. Baked Ziti
5. Queso Chicken
6. Chicken Tacos
7. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta
8. Cheeseburger Macaroni
9. Orange Chicken
10. Pork Carnitas
11. Chicken Soup
12. Meatball and Potato Soup
13. Honey Garlic Chicken
14. Whole Chicken
15. Moroccan Chicken
16. Chili Mac
17. Butter Chicken
18. Loaded Baked Potato Soup
19. Italian Beef Sandwiches
20. Creamy Tomato Soup (not super toddler friendly, but kid friendly – and I want it, too!)

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