Statement Tile | Flush Mount | Rug | Shower Head | Mirror | Sconces | Vanity | Faucet 

You’ve seen the Before (yikes), so let’s talk about the plan for the After! 

My overall goal is to create a bright, spacious feeling retreat that also has a bit of warmth and texture. 

We tend to gravitate towards bright whites and cool tones, so with this bathroom design, I’m going to marry our shades of grey and true white with warm limestone and wood accents to warm things up a bit. 
Tons of texture will hopefully contrast against the stark, clean lines of the marble floor tiles to create visual interest and a bit of height to the space – and it wouldn’t be one of my rooms if I didn’t mix metals, much to my husband’s irritation.

 I’m particularly in love with the rounded corners of the oversized mirrors and the shower wall tile paired with the angles of the statement tile and the sconce mounts (which are an insane deal!).

Our master bathroom is about to double in size so we plan to work in a few things that have been on our wish list. Our current shower will be the footprint for a water closet, we will finally have a double vanity (we haven’t had one since house number 1!), a walk in shower with a frameless glass door and lots of storage. 

The major impact in this space will come from the accent tile that will be placed floor to ceiling on the main wall. 

It will run behind the vanity and all the way across the space, covering the back wall of the shower. It’s the boldest tile choice to date but I think it’s going to be spectacular. 
And, just to keep it real, I always get super nervous the second it’s time for a major design element to be installed. I’ll have heart palpitations until the entire bathroom is complete, thanks to that wall of statement tile, but I’m trusting my gut and going with it! 
Our home is our sanctuary, a safe place, our place – and I can’t wait to bring our dream bath to life!