Hey friends, happy March!
It feels good to start the month with a life update post around here so let’s start with the most important thing: our master bath renovation.
In case you don’t remember the gorgeousness that was our master bathroom for the past two years, I’ll drop a little reminder below, but I highly suggest you go see it in all of it’s Before glory here.
As with all things renovation, we’ve hit some (relatively small) snags. Once we opened the walls we found some damage that either wasn’t repaired well or was previously ignored. We took a little break in designing the master bath to repair the structure the correct way but I won’t lie, it’s not exactly where I love putting that money! It’s so much more fun to spend the budget on things that you’ll see every day – tile, mirrors, etc – but the truth is that much of a renovation requires dropping large chunks of cash on boring things like wiring and old termite damage. 
Once we addressed those repairs, we had to get down and dirty with the timeline and budget changes so an element of the design was cut. Sadly, our statement tile wall is no longer in the scope for the project (thats construction talk for “that shiz was pricey and you ain’t got time to play”). I know it was the right thing to go but, man, did I try to fight that change tooth and nail. The bathroom will still be a showstopper, the tile work we are having done is so crisp and clean, but I did have to take a moment to mourn that tile.
See all of the details of this design board, including sources, here

We also changed the lighting plan a bit and needed to move the can fan (vented light that is set into the ceiling) to the center of the space, so the gorgeous flush mount is now out of the picture. This was just a pretty touch that I wanted to add and there really wasn’t a choice in this particular change, so I’m not losing any sleep over it. I am thinking that light will live in my master somehow, I’ve just got to get Justin on board.
And speaking of the remaining tile design, we saw some progress this week with the entire bathroom floor getting tiled and tile work starting in the shower. It’s been a bit slow but the work is beautiful, so we’re trying our best to be very patient and gracious with the inevitable timeline push back. Our original time quote for the project was six weeks but we always mentally add a little wiggle room to accommodate for weather delays, material issues, sickness etc. I would bet we’re looking at a total of 8 weeks on the interior/master bath work, so two and half more weeks to go! We did add on a little exterior work and that will definitely stretch past the 8 week mark, but since that doesn’t involve people in my bedroom, I don’t even bother with it. 
I chose a runner to live in front of our vanity and I am so, so impressed with the quality. It’s my first purchase from the home department of this particular store and I will absolutely be back. The bathroom will still be narrow once it’s finished so a long, thin runner is the perfect option – I’m hopeful the jute will warm up all of our tile and the two tone, woven design will blend the whites of our stone choices with the creamier tones of the wall and trim paint. 
I can’t wait for it all to come together! Fingers crossed we sail right through the next few weeks – I’ll keep you posted with smaller updates on my Instagram stories